Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Building a better brand

Brand Building
Building a brand is a key step in getting your “product” and or website noticed by the masses.  It not only promotes you, but highlights what makes you “special” compared to your competition.   So what is a brand, and how do I develop it?  In reality, brands are commonly perceived traits.  It is influenced by how you send your message to the public, the content of the message, and how that message is then interpreted.  It is much like creating a personality that relates to people.  How the relationship improves or changes, determines you’re “brand, and how the public sees you.  Every interaction with your audience goes far to refining that image, so it is very important to let your audience know that they have value to you.  Branding in marketing circles has done much to help distinguish very similar products and promote one to success and leaving the other to failure. 
Steps for Brand Development   
1.       When first developing your brand, be sure you know who you’re talking to.  Who is your audience?  What do they want?  Why are they coming to you?  These questions are essential in understanding how to market to you audience and what results you are trying to achieve. 
2.       Create a establish a plan to position your product and brand in the minds of your audience.  Make sure your message is reaching them, and it’s a message they care about. 
3.       Create advertising and messaging that promotes and reinforces your brands position.  This would be actual outgoing advertisements and newsletters, but would also be comprised of general interactions and commentary that are viewable to your audience.
4.         Build communities that use and are loyal to your brand that will consistently use and refer your brand to others.
When these steps are followed and adhered to, the result will be a solid brand image with positive response by your audience and clients that will continue to grow.
Branding really results in an emotional link to your audience in which they feel that you offer the best product, and generally have their best interest at heart.  This being said, a lot of this depends on getting your message out to the masses.  Be diligent about blogging, and write articles that focus on your brand and what it has to offer.  Comment often and try to get guest blogging opportunities that will help promote your brand and image.



  1. Well said...thanks for the great post.

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    I really wanted to know if you know anything about ways to promote a brand without any cost.