Thanks for making it to my blog.  I hope you leave with something worthwhile and useful.  My blog is geared towards Blogs, Marketing, and Social networks and content. 

My name is Mark Moeller, and I am a business and family man.  I've been working for about 5 years now in the same company which deals with daycare and early childhood education.  My profession is accounting, and I have a bachelors in accounting and Finance.  I have worked in may different industries and have been through a number of system conversions.  Let me say that one conversion should be enough, but it really is quite the learning event.  I have worked in this field for about 15 years.

I have been married 7, going on 8 years to a wonderful woman who has been instrumental in my own growth as an individual, husband and parent.  We have 2 little boys under 6 and they really do keep us busy.  I am the only one currently employed right now, but this is by choice as my wife is staying home with the kids and taking on the responsibility of educating them in their early years.  If you can think of a job tougher than that, please let me know.

I just recently decided to begin blogging, as a way to educate myself about how to actually set up and maintain a website.  It is a really good way to both learn and teach at the same time, and their are so many topics being discussed, that there is really something to learn about everything.  I'm also trying to make a little money at this, as it seems to be a popular way to do that if you put in the effort.  Well, let me say that I will definitly do that, and if anyone has ideas about a topic they want more information about, I will definitly do my best to research it.

That's about it regarding my background. 

Thanks for stopping by.