Monday, August 23, 2010

How to create and market an e-book product

People spend a great deal of time blogging for ad dollars that never really pay off. Although affiliate marketing is a good way to go, the product is not yours, and you have no control over the cost, or how to necessarily market the product. At the end of the day, the best product you have to offer is one that you own. So then the question becomes what product should I sell? That is a good question, and it depends a lot on what your blog is all about, and who your target audience is.

Information sites are great, but it is hard to charge for information that people can get somewhere else for free. The information should be specialized to some degree and should benefit the reader in some way. The best way to think of it is that your product should either solve a current problem that your readers are dealing with, or it should help to minimize a potential problem that they might incur. The other option is that it could add some sort of entertainment value where the reader is receiving enjoyment in some fashion. In any case, the product should have a measurable benefit to your readers.
What does all this have to do with eBooks you might ask? Well, the thing is you have a certain level of expertise in whatever field of interest you blog about. This information can be of value to your readers, especially if the information is from your best or “Pillar” blogs. This type of content can be culminated into an eBook which in turn can be used to attract traffic to your site, or to help in the process of obtaining an e-mail subscription list which is a very valuable commodity when attempting to make a successful blog that actually makes money. The content does not need to be outrageously long, in fact, you can often turn a sweet profit from a document that is only 10, 20 and up to 50 pages long, as long as those pages solve a problem that people will pay to have the solution to.

When determining what type of issue you are looking to “solve” don’t over think this part of the process, as the information can even something that anyone could research online, as the reader doesn’t want to have to do all the legwork of researching something online when they can have that done for them for a small fee. Do the work, but also show them that you are a credible person that has the necessary credentials to deal with the issue, and as long as the “problem” is real, you should make a sale.
In summation, the steps involved in creating a successful eBook should include:
1. Identify a potential topic (Either a problem to solve or to avoid at some future date).
2. Research the topic and determine a viable solution to meet the reader’s needs.
3. Pull all the information into a single document that is written for the perspective of the target audience.
4. Market the eBook to your readers (For profit, or as incentive to subscribe via email).

By following these steps, your site will begin to see some definite improvement s in the amount of traffic , and in actual sales.

I wish you continued Success in all your endeavors.



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