Friday, August 6, 2010

Mailing lists and what to do with it…..

In the course of creating an audience for your blog, it becomes necessary to keep in contact with them. Let’s face it, a blog audience is indeed an audience, but this doesn’t necessarily mean “real-time”. If they receive your content by RSS feed, then they might only check it periodically and not each and every day. This can be disastrous for any promotion or product campaign, especially as time is everything in this competitive market. This can make the entire effort for the promotion wasted, and you lose momentum and potential sales.

This can be corrected by getting people to subscribe via email. Instead of waiting for them to check for new content, they can be notified of it today…..right now……this very second. You have the control to notify your readers in advance. This can be extremely helpful when preparing to launch your promotion.

This is good for the people that you currently have subscribing via email, but what about getting email addresses from those readers already signed up, or directing new readers to subscribe via email. The best way to do this is through a “Free” product promotion. Now, “Free” product does not mean some worthless report that gives absolutely zero relevant information or a compilation of your “best” posts. It means something of value that ultimately solves a problem for your readers. This should be a useful product or tool that provides immediate results. This captures their attention, and creates trust that they can come back and receive good, useful products from you. Very few competitors will follow through with this, giving you a competitive edge.

It’s worth it to take some time and look at what products are offered out there in the blogosphere and see if there is something out there you can use or create yourself.

I will follow up with my own research on products available and present them in a following post.



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