Friday, June 25, 2010


It has recently come to my attention that even though there are a number of different sites that list by joining them that your site traffic will increase dramatically, I have done so with little results.  I will admit I am impatient, and want to see results immediately.  After joining some dialogue groups on Blog Catalog,
I was surprised to find hundreds of individuals in the same boat as me, with few, if any visits to their blogs,
and struggling to bring new acquaintances to their sites.  And the recommendation they all received was to list their site, and the "scratch my back if I scratch yours" scenario. 

I did make my way into a couple of discussion groups, and made comments while listing my site URL, and the funny thing is it does work.  I am happy to announce that Freshworks Marketing and Media has it's first official follower.  Thanks to Dyeve!!!

To everyone that visits, keep at it an be diligent.  It will payoff eventually, but you do need to get involved and stay involved.


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