Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tags..Tags.....and more Tags

Tags...tags...tags....  You hear a great deal about tags and how they can help your website.  But what are they really, and what do they do.  Well, to put it simply, tags are little page "markers" that are used to reference a point in a story, post, or blog.  Much like "categories", they help in referencing information in the posting.  Categories are used to place an entire post into a specific group, where then all the postings of a particular group can be view at the same time. 

Tags refine this grouping even more by referencing detail related to a line in the post.  The describe the content of individual sections.  Tags kept in the sidebar cumulate in a so called "cloud" formation, much like a list.  This works by fitting a lot of information into a little space, also making searching for specific information much easier.  The will also provide alternate navigation paths to your blog content for individuals and search engines.

I am providing a link to a "blogger" friendly Tag Cloud Widget that can be installed to assist with managing both Categories and Tags. I am going to try this out as well to see how it works on this site.  I am quite interested to see how this interfaces with the rest of my blog. 

Please try and let me know how it works for you as well.  Always remenber to backup your template prior to installing and new gadgets.

Thanks again,



  1. Hi Shaz,
    Sorry for the late reply, but thanks for the additional comments, It's good to know regarding the use of Tags. I've been finding that "Labels" are being used for pretty much the same purpose.