Thursday, July 22, 2010

Advertisers…stop by and visit

It seems that no matter what your blog is about and the reason behind it, making some money at it never hurts. Some blogs are strictly devoted to making money, while others have a specific message to convey. But regardless of the reason behind it, you need to attract advertisers to your blog in order to help achieve this goal.

First of all, you can attract their attention with an “Advertise with us” banner somewhere on your blog. These can be placed on either side of the top bar or side bar, and draw attention.

Include an advertisement page. This can reveal all the pertinent information regarding your particular blog niche. Additional relevant information would be blog ranking, traffic, advertisement rates, and payment method. A contact page would be good as well.

Focus on your specific niche, as advertisers will definitely want to reach the target audience associated with those that read and follow your blog. To market your blog, make sure that the articles are of high quality and quantity, as both are needed to draw in visitors and advertisers likewise. Some hints for this are to generate good likeable content. Write posts that say something worthwhile, even if they are somewhat lengthy. Don’t think that because your post is several paragraphs that you can post every few days. You need the content coming in frequently to keep your readers interested. Writing about something useful is always a good idea, particularly if it’s something the readers can implement or use immediately to solve a problem or satisfy a need.

Make sure that ads that find their way to your site are matched to your blog content. There are always some that are attracted to higher traffic that might not be the “best fit.” Remember, that this is a give and take situation, and you want the best fit for your blog in order to promote it and get higher readership.

The layout of your blog should also be considered. Bold formats can be just fine, but it should look professional. The blog page represents you but it also represents the advertiser’s products, so make it a good fit for both.

Success to you all in your endeavors!



  1. The biggest thing for most advertisers is metrics. If you have less than about 100 subscribers or 100 visits a day to your website, I think you can forget any real advertiser being interested, and for it to be really worthwhile, probably more like 1000 subscribers.

  2. Hi Vernon,
    That is good to know. I am really working to drive up traffic, but have yet to see much from the Adsense yet. What tips do you have for increasing traffic?

    Thanks Again!