Monday, July 19, 2010

Blog vs. Email Newsletters

There are 2 items are usually associated with a web marketing campaign, email newsletters and business blogs. Both of these are forms of communication, and are useful in their own way, but having the time to put together both a blog and an e-mail newsletter can be daunting. So the question then becomes which of these options will be more effective for what you want to do.

In the corner of the newsletter, we have the fact that customers are showing less loyalty these days. By using permission based e-mails, this can be a way of reminding the customer that it is time to re-stock, renew, or check out new products that may have just recently come out. I t is also less of a time constraint and requires less dedication to publish a newsletter and send it out to multiple clients or customers.

Now, a blog is a better tool to use when you do not typically have multiple purchases and less research is involved. The blog is a great way to get information out to the general public, establish credibility, and send leads for site conversion, but is more driven by the subscribers, and what they are looking for. The “Push” for marketing results may not be as forthcoming.

A blog is more interactive if you like getting feedback and response from blog visitors. It also helps if you like to write and have a sense for what people are searching for. However, a sense of urgency may not necessarily be associated with blog posting s in creating marketing interest and sales conversions.

But that isn’t to say that they can’t be. There are definitely examples of blogs that generate massive interest and sales conversions daily, but it depends a lot on the individual site and what you personally want to accomplish.

Ultimately the best choice is to have both, but that will depend on the time and resources each individual has, and what their goals are.


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