Thursday, July 8, 2010


Anyone that hasen't heard of Mashable should definitly check it out.  It is an internet news blog started by Pete Cashmore in July 2005.  With a reported  7.0M + page views, it ranks as one of the largest blogs on the internet.  Regular articles are featured regarding YouTube, Facebook, Google, Twitter, MySpace, Apple and startups.  It regularly reports on current events that are shaping the social dynamics of the World and can definitly give insight to trends in the blogging community that are growing and helping to inprove online networks.

Top social networking websites and the list of the fastest growing websites are just some of the items you will find on their site.

I am always looking for new and relavent sources of information, both in the fields of online marketing and social networking. 

Please feel free to add any recomendations for other good sources, and I will definitly check them out.


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